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Cashew nut farming in Ghana has not been an easy thing especially with the ups and downs that the industry has faced every since it was first planted in the 60s. The industry has seen a withdrawal and comeback severally and still survived the challenges to what is seen today. There has had to be several changes in the industry to support cashew nut farming. 

Cashew farming revenues in Ghana

Fortunately the government got interested in this industry and worked to revive it in 1983.the liberalization and establishment of markets encouraged more farmers to join the industry. Farmers thus reinvested in the industry which saw Ghana export a total of 15 metric tons by 1991. This production has been increasing steadily over the years. In 2013 the sales registered were up to 170 million US dollars. Cashew nut has risen to become the second largest foreign exchange earner and export crop from Ghana. The current production stands at 50000 metric tons with processing plants that support the processing of up to 70,000 metric tons being set up. This does not account for the large export market that is available. Farmers can make more money with Cashew nut farming especially if they have a great cashew farming business plan.

The most important thing is to stick to tested and tried cashew farming tips. Be part of the people benefiting from cashew nut farming in Ghana. This industry has revolutionized agriculture and proven that farming can be an income earner that sustains livelihoods. There may still be numerous challenges facing this industry but the fact that its gains are guaranteed makes it a worthy venture especially considering the fact that the government and other stakeholders are working on fixing these issues.